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What is essentially a narrative? It is a story, a tale, a story. Give them the opportunity to feel like a writer and compose their own story, tell their own tale. It doesn't matter if the events are fictional or real, the important thing is to stick to the purpose of such an essay, which is to report the developing events in a chronological sequence. There are five clue questions that the author must answer in the narrative: what or who did/did what, where, when, why? Verbs and all their forms help to unfold the story and move it forward (in grade 1-2, verbs are still called action words). The narration can proceed PayForEssay in the first person (that is, on behalf of the child (me) or on behalf of several people, for example, friends (we)) or in the third person, when the image of the narrator is absent. After your child decides on the theme of his story or tale, help him make a plan:


introduction (time and place of action),

The beginning of the action (the plot),

the climax,

The climax, the denouement, and the conclusion.

My Purple Chalk. If you have read the book "Harold and the Purple Crayon" or "The Adventures of Pencil and Samodelkin" with your child, you can ask him to imagine that he also has a magic crayon. What would he draw? Why? And what would come out of it?


If I had wings... The child can imagine https://payforessay.pro/geometry-homework-help/  being a bird or a butterfly, but only for one day. How would he spend that day? Where would he fly and what would he do with that opportunity?


If I lived underwater. Similar to the previous one, only in a different habitat. It is not necessary to describe oneself specifically, it is possible to simply imagine oneself as a fish or other inhabitant of the underwater world. This requires a little better knowledge of the lives of those who live in the ocean, river or at least in the aquarium.


A story that began with sadness. Every child has experienced some sad moment, some sadness. Surely he remembers one of them. But after all, sadness and sorrow come to an end, and this sad day is over, too. What was it that could cheer him up, that helped put him back in a good mood. Or who?


The scariest story. You can also buy a dissertation describe the story that scared the child. What happened? What had to be done to make it end well? Why was it scary? Where were the adults? You can make up a story too, and it doesn't have to be about yourself, don't forget.


Moving. If a child has had to move with his family, he can use his experience to come up with a story about some boy or girl, or even a pet, who has moved from one place to another. What does he experience? How does he or she adjust to the new place? How does he find friends?


The Magic Dress. Here's the starter condition: Our hero has a magic dress that can turn him into anyone when he puts it on. But only once and only as long as he wears the dress. Who will our character want to turn into, and how will he spend his magical time as another person?


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