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Advice on how to stay Motivated?

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Felishia Rangel Felishia Rangel 500 Points

Hello, My name is Felishia Rangel. I am a junior at The University Of Texas Rio Grande Valley. I am currently in the Edcuatoin Program. I am a full time student and have a part- time job. Although it feels like I work full-time. Recently I had no motivation to start the school year again. I do work a lot so I get tired and procrastinate on my assignments.  Days when I am not working it is so esay to stay in bed and watch Netfilx. My question is how do you stay motivated? Perhaps I can try your methods. 

Hannah Hoffman Hannah Hoffman 380 Points

Hi Felishia, my name is hannah and I am also a current education major. I too struggle with working part-time and going to school full time. I just want you to know you are so not alone in this feeling I find myself unmotivated and procratinanting. Having thoughts of quiting or doing something else with my life. what I have started doing recently that really helps me is I got my substitute certificate and sub on days i don't have class it is exciting and motivating to be running my own classroom for the day and actually getting to interact with students. Bonus I am making money and getting resources and teaching skills along the way. I also just have to remind myself that some day we will be changing the lifes of young students you could be exaclty what that one kid needs in their situation. Just know that you can make a difference! I hope this helps and I will send good thoughts your way it's so nice to know i am not alone in this feeling! Goodluck you can do it, you have to do it! Your future students need YOU!

Avery Isgett Avery Isgett 240 Points

Hi Felishia! I am completeing my teaching master's program at the University of South Carolina. There are times when I definitely feel the temptations of procrastination, and it is during those moments when it really helps me to remember the 'why' behind the work that I am doing now. Remembering the reason why you're going into education has been something that my professors have been teaching me a lot about. When I think about how I am going to have the opportunity to help out so many kids and how I am pursuing this profession becuase I want to be of service to my students and because this is a profession that I felt specifically led by God to pursue, it makes doing my assignments just a little bit easier. 

Emily Hernandez Emily Hernandez 380 Points

Hello Felisha my name is Emily, and I too am a student at The University of Rio Grande Valley. I know times can get tough and you want to throw the towel, but as a persistent educator, I revive my passion for education by learning more about it. I heard a saying from a professor stating,' on the day I stop learning is the day I lose the authority to teach.' Education in general can be a hard task but learning more about it will intrigue us to become better teachers. 

Mabel Martinez Mabel Martinez 470 Points

Hello Felisha, I totally understand where you are coming from because I am on the same boat, some days I do not get out of bed and just watch movies or I am on my phone. I saw that i was just going to place where I just did not want to do anything with school, so I started working out in the mornings. Nothing major like try to lose weight just start off slow like walk for thrity minutes something to wake me up in the mornings. It has honeslty helped tremendously I have so much energy during the day and I end up being very producive.

Hello Felisha, I understand exactly what goes through your mind especially at times like these. I am too a full time student and work a part- time job that actually feels like a full time beacuse of all the hours I put in. However, I would recommend for you to do an activity that distrcats your mind from all the stress for at least 30 minutes. Organizing yourself with a planner will also help you keep up to date with work and know that you have time for other things. School wise, I enjoy doing homework outside so that I don't feel over stressed.

Paul McPherson Paul McPherson 70 Points

I'm entirely on board with the idea of a planner, getting a sense of what's happening and in what order is the key in this period...

Patrick Thoms-Bauer Patrick Thoms-Bauer 1465 Points

I am on the same boat as you Felishia, where having a part-time job and having a course load of assignments starts to drain a student of all their motivation where they just want to lay in bed and watch Netflix. The way I keep my motivation is by taking breaks when I start to feel annoyed doing the assignments and just want to procrastinate by watching videos. I usually go on walks around the neighborhood to clear my mind and nerves or play a quick game of Tetris to keep myself entertained but also to keep my brain thinking. The best way I say on top of my assignments is by writing down assignments that are due in the near future in a planner and also putting it as an event on my Google Calendar, so I have a visual of the days assignments are due.     

Talia Kelly Talia Kelly 520 Points

Hey Felishia, I am a current student as well and this has been the hardest year yet. I recently switched majors from nursing to education and am beyond overwhelmed. I work part-time too and feel like I work full-time with two jobs. I have struggled all year with getting myself motivated and excited about school. I think it is important to take some time for self-care and relaxation. I am not sure what your hobbies are or what you do to release stress, but maybe spending 3 hours a week focusing on yourself can help with getting motivation back. I also use the idea of how awful our world is (my personal opinion) and how as future educators we are the gateway for the next generation, the next worldly impact, and the next set of leaders. 

Hailey Hughes Hailey Hughes 420 Points

I work part-time as well as being a full-time student at UofSC and I also find it hard sometimes to stay motivated. There are days when I wake up and I don't really have the energy to do my schoolwork. But, my best advice is just to set aside alloted time for your schoolwork and also set aside time just for yourself. It takes a while to get used to things, but planning out a schedule that works best for you is very helpful. 

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