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Incorporating the engineering design process into life science contents

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John Barstow John Barstow 20 Points

I am looking to share ideas as to how to find creative ways to add engineering ideas and projects into the life science curriculum.  I am a middle school teacher and teach an integrated curriculum.  I find it is easier to incorporate engineering design into physical sciences but struggle to find meaningful ways to add it to life sciences.  I mainly teach cells and heredity as well as human body systems.  Any ideas would be greatly appreciated!  

Mary Bigelow Mary Bigelow 10275 Points

Try searching the TeachEngineering site https://www.teachengineering.org There are quite a few lessons and activities here that integrate engineering and life science (use Bioengineering as a search topic, to start) The lessons are well designed and show an alignment with NGSS. Mary B.

Pamela Dupre Pamela Dupre 92364 Points

Life science, engineering, I'm sure you've heard about the egg drop challenge. The egg must be protected using whatever materials so that when dropped from a height the shell is not cracked. This can be tied to wearing helmets to keep your brain safe. Then I think of 3D printers and how students are using them to help create prosthetic limbs for people and animals. I do an oil spill lesson and the students have to create a tool to separate the oil from the water, sand, and ocean life. Create a filter for clean drinking water...just some thoughts.

John Barstow John Barstow 20 Points

Thank you Mary and Pamela. I appreciate your thoughts and resources. I will keep them in mind.

Gretchen Hausman Gretchen Hausman 150 Points

THank you for the tip on the teachengineering.org website. Great resource!

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