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Christine Schnittka Christine Schnittka 1485 Points

I just wrote this STEM lesson for kids at home. Could you share with any 8-13 year olds? I'm curious if the lesson is a good one... and am looking for feedback. 

Dr. Chris Schnittka, [author of the Save the Penguins lesson]


Emily Faulconer Emily Faulconer 5755 Points

I like that the lesson progresses through the STEM disciplines smoothly. I think the intro could be more attention-grabbing. I also think that the reflection could be strengthened using reflection best practices. Otherwise, solid work! 

Mikayla Post Mikayla Post 170 Points

I really like how there are multiple subject areas incorporated into this! Creating a mask would actually be engaging to students, as they must be creative and apply a variety of skills in order to do so successfully! STEAM is so important to one's learning, even if its at home!

Christine Schnittka Christine Schnittka 1485 Points

Thank you. I actually worked on the intro today, and will take a look at the reflection also.


Mask_Lesson.pdf (0.44 Mb)

Abby Callon Abby Callon 270 Points

What I appreciate most about this lesson is the smooth transition and integration of different STEM content areas. The use of open-ended questions makes the lesson feel approachable from both an educator and student point of view. It gives hands-on activities that can be easily done at home with what the students have in their pantries. Nicely done!

Zhifang Monisha Zhao Zhifang Monisha Zhao 1680 Points

Thank you for sharing, I like the practice part very much!
You did a good job.

Leah Homan Leah Homan 260 Points

I love the incorporation of many different STEM topics. This lesson included history, science, math, engineering, and geometry all in one to create a great activity for students to enjoy, especially during this difficult year. Love the idea!

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