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Shalen Boyer Shalen Boyer 5750 Points

Has anyone used any of the virtual reality sets in their science classroom?  There are some great apps out for this technology and it seems a like a good way to increase student engagement.

Juleen Whall Juleen Whall 90 Points

No but am intrigued. What resources?

Rebecca Reed Rebecca Reed 425 Points

I received an Oculus Rift goggles as an award. Anyone have good (free) VR programs I can use with them? Thanks!

Stephanie Blunk Stephanie Blunk 3725 Points

I never would have thought about incorporating virtual reality into the classroom at all, but I really think it's a great idea. It could be used for any topic since there are so many options on scenarios, and I think it would also be really motivating for kids. I'm not sure of any specific sources or programs to use with virtual reality, nor have I heard of any teachers using it in their classroom yet. So I really like how this is a new and engaging idea for activities in the classroom. I know that my younger cousins love virtual reality, and if they used it in school they would probably think it was the best day ever because they played "video games" in school. It might be hard to screen what scenarios the students pick though, so I would certainly be mindful of that. I am very interested in learning more about this if anyone else has any information as well!

Aleida Torres Aleida Torres 315 Points

I think this would be a great option for the students. The only problem is getting enough of the supplies (VR machines and mobile devices). The VR devices take you through a series of steps to get to the proper games though, so trying to screen the scenarios would definitely be extremely tricky! I still love this idea though!

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