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Victoria Melchor Victoria Melchor 730 Points

As a future educator, I want to make sure my students are engaged with the different subjects at school which includes science. One way would be to have them engage in activities or readings of science at home. How can I communicate with parents about the importance of science education and ways they can support their children's learning at home? 

Angela Griffin Angela Griffin 2710 Points

Hi Victoria! Great question!! Parent communication is so important! I teach lower elementary, and one thing I have found useful is a weekly digital newsletter (there are so many online templates that make it easy to fill in and send!). I include a picture book recommendation each week with a link to watch a read-aloud and encourage families to either check the book out from our local library or watch the read-aloud with their child. I rotate each week with a different subject (ELA, math, science, or social studies) related to what we are learning in class. I include some open-ended question suggestions to help guide conversations about the story. When appropriate, I link videos with kid-friendly explanations for things that relate to our curriculum to help parents understand what we're doing each week in class. I'm also working with my students to make videos of each of them reading a book (with parent permission, of course!) and sharing those with families. Who doesn't love to see their sweet baby read? My students are really into science right now, so many of them are choosing science books to read in their videos. Parent feedback has been positive so far, and many have been surprised at all the things their students have learned, especially in science and social studies! Good luck in your future classroom!! :)

Alexa Cardoza Alexa Cardoza 470 Points

Hello Victoria, I think constant parental communicaiton is essential for our students to be successful with content outside the classroom. In this case, I think holding a reading night with the students and their parents and introducing the idea of reading science books at home with their kids would be the perfect way to introduce this idea to them. This way the parents are also able to see hands on how much of an impact Science has in the students' lives.

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