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How to Study the Periodic Table Efficiently in Chemistry? - Best Tips & Tricks

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The periodic table is one of the most important topics in chemistry that students need to study for their examinations. There are in total 118 elements in the periodic table with four blocks namely s,p,d and f. The most challenging part comes when students need to remember all the names of the elements along with their chemical reactions, characteristics, etc. Hence, it becomes extremely crucial to learn this chapter with full preparation and dedication. Students often wonder how to learn the periodic table efficiently. However, they need not worry about this as we got them covered. 

Elisabeth Williams Elisabeth Williams 340 Points

I think you make a great point about the importance of the periodic table. It is something students in chemistry will be using the entire year and is better if they know how to read it. I am covering this topic with my students next week and I am trying to give them as much time and scaffolding as I can to review this topic. I am also providing a lot of examples and some demonstrations to help organize their thoughts. 

Chad James Capote Chad James Capote 200 Points

Thanks for bringing this up - it reminded me of my prof. who made the whole class memorize the periodic table. No - he didn't force us to memorize. He made use of the vertical categorization in the elementary table, and knit the symbols into a one-sentence song. It was initially awkward to sing along with him, but it was an effective way to remember all the elements in the periodic table.

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