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Sawsan Ismaiel Sawsan Ismaiel 125 Points

Hey guys I am planning to run a science club at my school for elementary students. Can you please suggest topics and fun activities that we can do and discuss. Thank you

Shalen Boyer Shalen Boyer 5540 Points

Our middle school science club usually meets once a month. Here are some of the activities that my 7th and 8th graders do. Balloon Hovercrafts Elephant Toothpaste-kid safe version Lava Lamps Crystal growing Balloon Race cars Diet Coke and Mentos (they test different types of sodas) Film Canister Rockets Slime (we use the liquid starch version) Pinterest is a great resource for science clubs. Most of these would work for an elementary science club. The crystal growing activity will require a few days. The Lego First leagues are fun for elementary students to compete in if you are interested in robotics.

Sawsan Ismaiel Sawsan Ismaiel 125 Points

Thank you for your reply! great ideas I will definitely try them out with my students :)

Sarah Benton Feitlinger Sarah Benton 1775 Points

Check out mt blog for some fun science activity ideas. I try to write for a wide age range: www.shareitscience.com

Michael Massad Michael Massad 3120 Points

Maybe start a garden! Let students build it, plant plants, maintain it, then market the harvest. Do you have a maker space? Students could build things, either from their own ideas and interests, or according to themes you introduce. Perhaps invite local scientists to come it and describe their careers. Then conduct simple activities that go along with that career. Good luck, Michael..................

Olivia Westfall Olivia Westfall 1510 Points

I love the idea of a garden! I have had field placements at a few schools who have class/school gardens, and it always sparks the students interest. I also love the opportunity that it gives for students to make real scientific observations and formulate testable questions. I think that a garden for a science club would be awesome! Those students would get to experience, observe, and learn about the plant cycle first hand. Along with this, they will feel a sense of accomplishment when they have created something that the whole school would enjoy! Great idea.

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