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Knowing if teaching is right for you

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Nicholas Saucedo Nicholas Saucedo 210 Points

Hello everyone my name is Nicholas Saucedo. We all become teachers because of similar reasons or experiences, weather it be wanting to change the system or make a difference in a childs life. Though some of us also become teachers for different reasons as well, like me. I didnt want to become a teacher at first, it never really came across my mind as a career I wanted. No other major really stuck out to me or was intresting to me to pursue it, but after some thought I landed on just sticking with teaching. From being a pre-service teacher now I would defenitly tell past me that I defenitly made the right decision. Being in the program has really opened up my mind and showed me the wonders of being a teacher. I wonder if any of you have had a similar experience as me, if any of you would like to share your experiences or the reasoning behind what made you want to be a teacher.

Lena Lesho Lena Lesho 785 Points

hello Nicholas. I always wanted to become a teacher. However, there were times I wanted to quit and change my major because I felt like teachers weren't being supported enough. I am still struggling to understand how some schools, districts, and states support heir teachers. I am currently looking for a job in my school district and I am trying really hard to find the right schoool. I think your work environment really contributes how happy you will be as a teacher. 

I think it is great that, even though you didn't want to become a teacher at the beginning, you stuck it through and are happy with your choice.

Good luck.

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