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Adriana Torres Adriana Torres 625 Points

Does anyone have any online science resources that they would like to share? Such as fun science games or online experiments for elementary students? I would love to incorporate it in my future classrooms or currently when I tutor my students virtually.

Chad James Capote Chad James Capote 200 Points

I don't understand why my comment was removed. Anyways, you could try Cram.

Anna O'Brien Anna O'Brien 1750 Points

Hi Adriana, 


I just finished student teaching 6th Grade Science virtually. Throughout the semester, I found many helpful online science resources. I used Explore Learning Gizmos. This website includes simulations that can be used with many different topics. My students engaged in the Measuring Motion Gizmo to learn how to calculate speed. With each Gizmo, there are links to worksheets and/or lesson ideas. Some school districts have a subscription to this website, but if not, you can still create a free account. With a free account, you still have access to many of the Gizmos. Another resource I found helpful was PhET Online Simulations. These are free simulations on a variety of Science and Math topics. I used a simple tug-of-war simulation to teach balanced and unbalanced forces. I hope you find these resources helpful! 


Rachel Schermerhorn Rachel Schermerhorn 275 Points

I was actually told very recently to look up "Online field trips" I don't have a specific site that has them but I guess there are a ton online for science. 

Shafflyn Kallon Shafflyn Kallon 640 Points


Teaching subjects like science can be really challenging, especially during these unprecedented times. I've monitored several teachers for some months now and many of them use online games to get their students engaged. I've seen the science teacher in particular, use kahoot as a fun way to test the children's knowledge in the subject. With Kahoot, you could either use the web link or the app. There are hundreds of games available, which covers several topics. However, if you don't want to use those pre-made games, you can create your own. I've also used pinterest to gather ideas on how to do some at home experiments using household materials. I hope these suggestions help.



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