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Maddie Johnson Maddie Johnson 2520 Points

I will be working with Kindergartners in a few months for my students teaching! I am very excited, but also very nervous since I have not worked with students this age. Are there any tips that you have for teaching students this age science? Any things you have tried that went well? Any things you do not recommend trying? Thanks in advance!

Amy Griffin Amy Griffin 2050 Points

Hi Maddie, 

I am an early childhood major at UNI and kindergarten is my favorite age to teach! I would try and stay away from the "cute" lessons. These are lessons that are only based on cute things that the children can create. Don't forget to push your students. Many people seem to think that just becuase they're in kindergarten they aren't able to be pushed. You would be amazed at some of the things that young children can come up with. I have this article about "cute" lessons in the classroom and why they are not beneficial! I hope this helps! 


Isnt_That_Cute.pdf (0.22 Mb)

Hannah Leist Hannah Leist 2625 Points

Hi Maddie, 

This semester I incorporated a starting physics lab with preschoolers! I think that kindergartners would love it too. I created a water dynamics lab for the students to explore the flow of the water. They also used various materials and had 2-4 students at it at a time. To start the lab, I used a large tote and cups. Then I gradually added cups with holes, funnels, beakers, and eye droppers. I did this for weeks with the children and they seemed to stay engaged the whole time! You could do this with more elaborate materials for kindergarteners. Another idea would be to make a KWL chart to fill out before and after you have completed this. Students can create a drawing of what they have learned or journal. While they explore, you can ask them productive questions to spark their thinking of why things are happening. I had a lot of fun doing this with the kids and they enjoyed it as well. There was plenty of opportunities for investigating science!

Maria Heisel Maria Heisel 20 Points

Hey Maddie, 

I too am an early childhood major and kindergarteners are great! I nanny for twin five year old boys every day and they love being challenged as Amy mentioned. They definitely want to act like grown ups and so I agree with Amy that "cute" lesson plans might not be as beneficial! They also love learning about nature and any sort of animal! Hope this helps! 

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