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Making Science fun with distance Learning

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Enly Meranda Enly Meranda 465 Points

Hello Everyone!

I am a college student who will very soon be teaching! During times of COVID, I remember many students, teachers, and parents struggling to keep children engaged regarding material. My question is, if there was ever a reason to go back to distance learning, what are some ideas and tips that new teachers can use to keep elementary students engaged for a science lesson? 


Thank You!

Catalina Rodriguez Catalina Rodriguez 640 Points

Hi! Firstly, great question. One of the things I would implement to keep students engaged would be using online polls or quizzes like 'Kahoot!'. Interactive simulations like 'PhET Interactive Simulations' is another great way to have students engaged and explore unfamiliar concepts. We can also have students conduct science experiments at home using common household items. Lastly, we should try to make our science lessons personal and relevant to the students by connecting it to their lives and interests. 

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