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George Mehler George Mehler 1575 Points

Pamela Dupre Pamela Dupre 92369 Points

This is a really good graphic. When you use videos in the classroom, students automatically tune in. I do my best to make sure the videos are short and relevant to the content being taught. (I teach elementary.) When we do certain units, like life science, animal adaptations, we use live web cams each day to record observations and those observations that students record in their science journals are a great source for classroom discussion. Thanks for sharing this.

Allison Gandrup Allison Gandrup 3800 Points

I think this is a great graphic. It is a good resource when trying to remember how to relate everything together, and is a great resource. Even though it is not necessarily content, it gives a lot of information.

Eric Roth Eric Roth 3395 Points

I found the videos by accident during science summer camp and have subscribed. Great videos. Thanks for all that hard work! I highly recommend to all that you subscribe to this channel.

Jordan Hammerand Jordan Hammerand 3350 Points

Thank you for posting this resource. I think these videos could be a great way to introduce or review a topic and impart information in a variety of forms. As a pre-service elementary teacher, I know preparing authentic science demonstrations is time consuming and having resources like these to incorporate will help diversify learning experiences. Of course, such resources should always be accompanied by hands-on learning. I appreciate that these videos are aligned with standards and have model skills of inquiry.

Joselyn Hermoso Joselyn Hermoso 785 Points

Hello....I liked the visual representation and would be nice to enlarge and post it in the classroom. Thank you.

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