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Sarah Mildaus Sarah Mildaus 705 Points

Hi everyone! I am a student at Purdue University Calumet. I will be student teaching this fall, and have been placed in a first grade classroom. I have been creating science lessons this semester for a second grade class, and I never realized how much fun science can be when given enough time to teach it! My students love the lessons I have created, but they are at least an hour long, and most teachers don't have that much time to teach science. What are some fun and engaging lessons that you have taught first graders that won't take up too much time? Any suggestions would be appreciated! Thanks in advance! 

Joseline Echegoyen Joseline Echegoyen 1205 Points

I'm creating my first lesson plan for science. The lesson I created is about 30 to 45 minutes. Time management is something that we have to work with a lot. One of the things that I will encourage you to do is to try to focus just on one specific topic. For instance, the TEKS that I choose were TEKS: 1.5B Predict and identify changes in materials caused by heating and cooling such as ice melting, water freezing, and water evaporating. TEKS: 1.6.An Identify and discuss how different forms of energy such as light, heat, and sound are important to everyday life. In this case, I deconstructed my TEKS by talking only about heat energy and the differences of heating and cooling. The students will be expected to determine how an ice cube melts and how we could make a melted cube cool. I tried not to go beyond this point because my cite coordinator will be explaining to them more information throughout the week.

Cara Campbell Cara Campbell 515 Points

Hello, Have you possibly considered doing two parter lessons? As in, doing the first part of the lesson one day, then doing the next part of the lesson the next day. That might be a way that you can do the lessons you want to do within your given time constraints.

Charlotte Gutierrez Charlotte Gutierrez 610 Points

Since your lessons are about an hour long, have you considered trying to break up the lesson for a couple of days? I think that it gives your first graders a brain break too, since I do not know any first grader who can sit still for an hour. Also, you can try activities that have students being detectives and discovering clues in a lesson over safety.

Sabrina Galloway Sabrina Galloway 590 Points

I am in a first grade classsroom, and I use short, direct lessons to get to my students. I have created 5E lesson plans that go at least an hour long. So something I do to accommodate the short time span is divide these lessons up into two days. I have also provided all the materials already prepared for my students so that cutting, and other non-educational activities are not wasting valuable class time!

Nicolette McWatters Nicolette Chetta 775 Points

I'm currently in a first grade classroom a well and to accommodate the short time we have to teach science I will break up a lesson over two days. I also make sure to have all the supplies ready for students to use so that we don't waste that time.

Courtney Black Courtney Black 975 Points

I don't know about you, but when I'm in student teaching, they have typically wanted my lessons to be about an hour long. It is hard to figure out how to do things like that generally as a real-world teacher. Anyways, you may find that once you start student teaching, that you learn a lot of neat ideas from your cooperating teacher as well. I would definitely try to collaborate with him/her as well. Enjoy your time! I'm in the middle of student teaching. I have one more semester left of it. It goes by quickly!

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