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STEM Without Breaking the Bank

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Paige Galbraith Paige Galbraith 190 Points

Often times I have visited classrooms who are actively trying to incorporate STEM into their curriculum but fail to do so due to a lack of budget. Some equipment and supplies can be expensive and I would love to know of a resource or website that offers ideas of how to substitute pricey materials with inexpensive alternatives. Anyone know of any good ones?

Wendy Goldfein Wendy Goldfein 2300 Points

The STEM lessons we create use easy to find, inexpensive or recycled materials. You can check out some of our lessons at . Click on the lessons tab at the top to go to the page of downloadable activities. We also have a page of resources. Hope this helps. Wendy

George Mehler George Mehler 1440 Points

Hello Paige, My name is Dr. George Mehler and I am a science methods professor at Temple University. I have been developing a YouTube Channel called FunScienceDemos. This channel has hundreds of FREE science demonstrations that teachers can incorporate into the classroom. If you find them helpful, I encourage you to subscribe to our channel as we release new videos regularly. Good luck, and I hope you find FunScienceDemos helpful Best, Dr. George Mehler Ed.D., Temple University

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