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Elizabeth Nieto Elizabeth Nieto 490 Points


What are the best resources that I can use to implement technology in my science class?

Kaylyn Hoth Kaylyn Hoth 670 Points

Hi Elizabeth,

I am currently a preservice teacher in Science Methods. One of our assignments was to find a technology piece we could incorporate into our instruction. Through this assignment, I was able to find many different beneficial science technology websites that I could use to incorporate into my instruction. One of those websites was This is a fun interactive website that is a free resource that has many great options for teachers and students. This website has many scientific games, videos, activities, and crafts that focus on Earth and Space. This website provides opportunity for higher order thinking as students have the opportunity to create and problem solve through crafts and games. This website also provides additional resources related to Earth and Space that provide a lot of great information. This is a great resource for teachers to use when doing a unit over earth and space. 

Mary Lynn Hess Mary Lynn Hess 12358 Points


Thanks a very interesting question. Are you refering to a certain grade level? Technology covers a lot of things. Paper and pencil is considered technology; and so are computers. Are you talking about new technology? I think new technology has it's place. However, don't underestimate the power of using the senses to activate learning.

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