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Weather Experiments for Kindergartners!

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Hi all! 

I'm currently a pre-service teacher with a lesson coming up that I need to teach for science. Being as anything weather related is a passion of mine, I would love to have some kind of hands on weather activity/experiment be the direction my lesson heads in. Do you have any suggestions with your favorite lessons in this field? Any adivce for doing a topic of this nature for kindergartners and what I should expect with such a lesson? Thanks in advance for all your help! 


I have not yet taught this lesson to my students, but I read a lesson about how to teach the concept of wind to kindergarteners and I cannot wait to use it in my classroom. This lesson helped students to physically observe something as abstract as wind through various experiments. One of the best things about this lesson is that it offered differentiated instruction tips and described how this topic could be used across the curriculum. I hope it is of use to you. Below is the link for the article. 

Having students observe the weather at their school for a few days or even a week prior to and after you lesson would be awesome with the students recording what they observe, temperatures, wind, coudiness, precipitation--that sort of thing; then your lesson will be even more meaningful.

Connecting the need to know the weather-how to read the sky- to what activities students can do outside, what clothes they should wear, etc. is another way to engage. With that said, temperature and precipitation are the mean measurements collected for climate scientists and for trends of weather (climate), so you might focus on those two concepts.

Here are several vetted resources that you may find useful:

K-ESS2-1 weather lessons from Better lessons;

Science Kindergarten Weather includes instructions making a model thermometer and a rain guage

Gift of Curiousity weather unit

Windows to the Universe is an incredible website full of resources for all grade levels!

NASA has more climate lessons but you might find something useful here.

I teach a weather monitoring unit at the high school level; perhaps it will give you some ideas for observing weather. I have attached my list of weather websites also. 

Hope this helps you!


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