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Randy Binag Randy Binag 50 Points

Hello everyone,

I am Randy Binag, an educator in one of the public high schools here in the Philippines and  I am currently enrolled in Diploma in Science teaching at the University of the Philippines Open Univeristy. I would just like to share with you one of my outputs in our anatomy and Physiology class.This poster is about the Truths about HIV/AIDS and the current status of HIV/AIDS in the Philippines. If you have any suggestions, questions and comments regarding this are highly appreciated. Thank you and God bless us!

Truly yours,



Rowena Navidad Rowena Navidad 10 Points

Hi Sir Randy...Your work is very comprehemsive and eaxh details needed in HIV was given..Cingratulations..very well done as well as the presentation of the poster was given empahis important details..keep it up..

Randy Binag Randy Binag 50 Points

Thank you Maam. I hope this poster may be used as one of your instructional materials. 

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