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How to catch the students attention?

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Julissa Flores Julissa Flores 900 Points

There are a lot of students who do not like science and think is boring. We need to find a way to catch the students attention do they can start liking science and enjoy it. Many teachers do not focus on science since its not a subject where is testable. What can teachers do that students will find interesting. 

Rosario Alvarez Rosario Alvarez 360 Points

Hello Julissa, I agree that some students may not find science all that interesting. When I was in elementary, I did not find it too fascinating but when we did hands-on projects or activities, it definitely caught my attention. For example, in fifth grade, we learned about the plant cycle and all the elements that went into it. Our teacher had us plant a bean into soil inside the milk cartons they provided for us for lunch. We would water them and set them up in the window for them to receive sunlight. After a few days, little plants, roots, and leaves started to appear. Teachers can implement exciting activities like this one to help maintain and keep students attention. They have alot of energy at their age so providing them with hand-on projects help them retain more the content. 

Rosa Rodriguez Rosa Rodriguez 245 Points

Hello Julissa, I agree with you students think that is boring but as future teachers we need to create an environment that can include hands-on not only learning material. As elementry students I remember that I didn't like science because like you mention it was boring, for me they only gave me more learning material than experiments to do. 

Christine Hernandez Christine Hernandez 490 Points

Hi Julissa, I do agree with you there are many students who dilike science. I think that we are teachers should try our best to make it exciting for them. I believe that working on hands-on activities. As well as trying to talk to the students so they are able to see how they can relate to science in their personal lives. Get them going and interested in what the lesson is going to be about. 

Kasandra Canchola Kasandra Canchola 480 Points

Hello Julissa. I agree that science can be boring if students are not engaged and acitively participating. I think that teachers need to make connections with science and the children's daily life. Making relations with different science topics and the student's daily activities will help students be more engaged. Fun and hands-on activities will attract the students attention. A lesson on mixtures and solutions can be fun if the teacher has different groups create a mixture or solution with different materials. I am currently still a college student so I have much more to learn, but hope this helps you. 

Frida Rosales Frida Rosales 305 Points

Hi Julissa, I agree with your statement. There will be students who may like or dislike science. As future teachers we should implement hands-on activities because it's a great way to engage students learning. I believe these type of activities are beneficial because students will have a better understanding about the concept. 

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