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Looking for a Science Curriculum

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Melissa Hersted Melissa Hersted 950 Points

My school district is looking to adopt a science curriculum that adheres to the NGSS that also has ELA standards and activities embedded into the curriculum. Does anyone know of anything that we should be looking into to pilot? Thank you for any help you can give!!

Kathy Renfrew Kathleen Renfrew 37248 Points

Melissa, You are not alone. Many districts are looking for a curriculum that is NGSS aligned. I would not recommend any published product yet. I think there will be great materials when the publishing companies have time to catch up. You can see how your current lessons or units align by using the EQUIP rubric which I will attach. There is a publishers criteria rubric for published NGSS materials but I do not have that rubric at this time. Kathy


Dorothy Ginnett Dorothy Ginnett 28250 Points

Hi Melissa - The NGSS standards were just recently released, so there are not any fully aligned curricula that I am aware of yet. This is an exciting time in Science teaching, but realistically, it will take time for teachers and curriculum developers to make this shift in teaching practice. I encourage you to consider attending the Elementary Science and NGSS web seminars (free) that begin on Sept. 17th. NGSS@NSTA web seminar series '' target="_blank"> ' target="_blank"> You'll see six K - 5 specific web seminars offered this year and many archived web seminars on NGSS topics. You may also want to review two NSTA Press books (if you have not yet seen them): Science for the Next Generation (which has an elementary science focus) '' target="_blank"> ' target="_blank"> [b] Translating the NGSS for Classroom Instruction [/b] '' target="_blank"> ' target="_blank"> Dorothy

Beth Dather Beth Dather 3950 Points

Dorothy, Thanks for this great information. I am a pre-service teacher learning all the science standards. This is a great resource to have.

Dorothy Ginnett Dorothy Ginnett 28250 Points

Hi Beth - You are very welcome! It's wonderful that you are starting your science teaching career with the exciting new NGSS standards. Have fun! Dorothy

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