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Lindsey Cooper Lindsey Cooper 2755 Points

What are some good ideas/activities that could engage elementary science learners with hands on experiences that facilitate learning? Any ideas with creativity or arts incorporation would be great!

Gabe Kraljevic Gabe Kraljevic 4564 Points

I would get your hands on the books by Janice VanCleave.  They are simply full of great, simple, easy and safe science experiments.

Hope this helps,


Tessler Baird Tessler Baird 2130 Points

I am currently a Senior at Wright State University studying Early Childhood Education. This semester I have created a learning segment that focused on how living things cause changes on Earth by dispersing seeds. I made the learning segment very engaging and interactive for the students! For the first learning experience, I had my students go on a nature walk around the school, they all wore one sock on the outside of their shoe that would collect small seeds to represent how seeds stick to animal's fur. They were also given evidence bag to put larger seeds in if they found any. After the nature walk we had a student led discussion about how animals are able to move seeds from one location to another.

The next learning experience we analyzed the data we collected. Each student made a bar graph that showed their data.

The final learning experience (which incorporates a creative/art part) the students were given materials such as paper cups, paper plates, felt cloth, pipe cleaners, and popsicle sticks to build a scientific model that they would demonstrate to the class how an animal is able to disperse seeds. I laid out a poster board with small seeds sprinkled in one area, my students then used their scientific model to show how the seeds stick to the animal's fur and fall off in a different location.

My students absolutely loved this learning segment and enjoyed going outside and making their scientific model!

Cory Bugiel Cory Bugiel 1465 Points

Group experiments are always fun. They allow students to work in groups and collaborate thoughts, all while having fun learning time with their friends.

Brittany Joachim Brittany Joachim 315 Points

Stem challenges are great.  The marshmellow challenge is a fun one!  I do this with my 8th graders after we do lab expectations during the first week of school!

Briana Mateo Briana Mateo 980 Points

I usually find some awesome experiments on Pinterest! A lot of projects are now using slime, especially to show the change from a liquid to a solid.

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