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Andrea Medrano Andrea Medrano 1075 Points

I just finished my first sci pack with a 92%. I was hoping for perfect score. :-(

Carolyn Mohr Carolyn Mohr 92326 Points

Congrats, Andrea, and don't be so hard on yourself! That is an awesome score! Most of us can't know everything about everything! The important thing is that we understand the concepts in order to help facilitate learning for our students. Some strand readers may not know that a sci pack has been made available for free. Here it is: Resources and Human Impact. Also, after attending a few select live web seminars, a sci pack is made available to teachers after they fill out the webinar's survey. Of course, the science objects that are part of sci packs are always free. To check out the upcoming live webinars, go to NSTA web seminars. It is fun to check out all of the Sci Packs available for purchase through NSTA. At the left on that page, is a place where you can select to look at sci packs by content/concept.

Nathan Thompson Nathan Thompson 4500 Points

I have gone through a couple of sci packs and have enjoyed them. They are a great review for a subject you may be rusty on, or a good intro into a topic you are just starting to get into. I took the index tests to get an idea of area's I am struggling in and have gone through the sci packs that would help. I feel they really helped me, with some outside reading, to get ready for the 8-12 Texes exam.

Uriel Richardson Uriel Richardson 2395 Points

How did you find the Sci Paks. I only see two free ones. I would like to do some om force and motion

Uriel Richardson Uriel Richardson 2395 Points

How long did it take. Did you do it in one sitting. what advice do you have for us?

Dorothy Ginnett Dorothy Ginnett 28250 Points

Hi Tina -

Great idea! I've done some SciPacks and found them really helpful for updating content knowledge. I also appreciate the website and lesson resources in the associated Sci Guides.

I'd also love to see a SciPack on the Theory of Evolution via Natural Selection, as it is a unifying theory in modern biology.

NSTA does already have an excellent 'NSTA Toolkit for Teaching Evolution' e-book,
However, a SciPack on Evolutionary Theory would be awesome too.

I also agree that a SciPack on Genetics/Molecular Biology would also be terrific. This is a topic that is difficult for science teachers to stay current on as it changes rapidly.

I am currently doing the SciPac on Plate Tectonics (unifying theory in Geology) and am finding it very helpful for enhancing my content knowlege in this area of Geology.

I'd also love to see a SciPack on Deep Time/Geologic Time, as this topic spans many fields of science - Astronomy, Geology and Biology to name just a few.


Carolyn Mohr Carolyn Mohr 92326 Points

Uriel said, 'How did you find the Sci Paks. I only see two free ones. I would like to do some om force and motion'.
I noticed that someone explained how to find all of the other SciPacks, Uriel. When you said that you only saw two free ones and that you were interested in Force and Motion, I thought I would mention to you that some components of a SciPack can be used separate from the bundle and are free. For example in the SciPack, Force and Motion, there are 4 Science Objects, each 2-hour long interactive, self-paced modules. You can access them in the NLC (NSTA Learning Center). The NSTA LC has bundled them into collections with other great resources from the NLC. Here are the collections by grade level:
Force and Motion: High School Collection
Force and Motion: Middle Collection
Force and Motion: Elementary Collection.
In each of the Force and Motion resource collections, you will find the 4 Science Objects that you can download into your 'My Library' for free.

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