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How to understand the new NGSS standards

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Lauren Price Lauren Price 470 Points

I am currently a student in the credential program and am interested in how teachers are picking through the new NGSS science standards and planning lessons without a textbook as a resource. Since there is a shift in what students are required to learn in each grade level, how are teachers planning for instruction without having to reinvent the wheel?

Tori Pinkston Tori Pinkston 995 Points

I am also a student teacher at the moment and think this is a great question. I think that teachers can use textbooks as a resource, but should no longer be reading straight from the textbook as their only source of science teaching throughout the classroom. However, I am interested to see what others have to say on the subject.

Kim Duba Kim 380 Points

Hi Lauren, I am also a student teacher and have trouble working with the NGSS standards seeings as they are so new and very little resources connects to the different aspects of a NGSS lesson.  Hopefully in time there will be more resources available to teachers to help assist them in the process.  Let me know if you find any .;) 

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