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Shariah Lawrence Shariah Lawrence 240 Points

After reading this poem, I think it is good to read this to students for a fun read aloud but also because it helps students visualize how the character had fun with technology. It is also important to let students know that technology is not the only way you can have fun. It is good to go outside and play too. 

Genry Klife Genry Klife 10 Points

That's so important to show students how interesting and enjoyable they may spend time without phones and computers. I speak a lot with them and they're interested in a lot of different things, but playing computer games is the easiest way to get some emotions. So I decided to give them a task to write a small essay on the topic 'my favorite emotion and how can I get it', or something like that. I allowed them to use additional resources as a reference and I got great works on which students worked a lot and with interest. So the only great decision you can make is to educate your students in different ways.

Robyn Soronow Robyn Soronow 13665 Points

I think using read alouds and literature in science are a great strategy, especially in Elementary science classrooms. I am exploring using a read aloud to engage students in a lesson about habitats. 

Emily Jones Emily Jones 1435 Points

I absolutely love poetry!  I especially like this poem because it is a wonderful way to teach on a cross curriculum level.  There's Social Studies represented by the different places mentioned, there's Language Arts represented by the colorful figuratuive language and of course Scence represented by the animal's activities and description. I think I saw an octopus or a squid illustrated.  The technoogy piece offered real world relatability. Any approach that broadens students' curiosity and motivates them to research the meaning of unfamiar words is a win win!  Poetry can be a fun transmitter of ideas and creativity. 

Janet Wong Janet Wong 60 Points

Emily, your love of poetry is so very clear and you did a perfect job here of showing how easy it is to connect STEM and social studies!!!

Elizabeth Martin Elizabeth Martin 375 Points

I really enjoyed this poem! I liked how I could travel with the author to new places. Green screens are a great tool to use with students. I was an intern at an elementary school and I worked in a room called the Maker Space. Students used this room to create projects, inventions, or to explore. A third-grade class was completing a research assignment on historical events. Students were able to pick a person, place, or event from the past to research and create a final project. After the students finished their projects the teacher asked if we could videotape them presenting their information. We decided to let students choose a background for their video. Some students choose to have the image of the person they researched, while other students used it as a way to travel to a location relevant to their research. Students were really excited to see the finished videos! Some students that were shy or nervous about presenting found confidence in having an exciting and relevant background to their presentation. Using technology helps students stretch outside of their comfort zone and can make bridges between content areas. 

Janet Wong Janet Wong 60 Points

Elizabeth, it's so great to hear that students were excited to see their videos. You are so right: technology definitely helps to stretch us all beyond our comfort zone and makes bridges between content areas. And green screens are fun for students of all ages (and teachers, too)!!!


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