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Weather and Climate ideas for hands-on activities

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Hillary Mason Hillary Mason 540 Points

Happy New Years!! I was wondering if anyone has a couple of good, easy hands-on activities for a weather and climate unit I am starting when we get back. I teach 6th grade.....135 students....any ideas??

Dorothy Ginnett Dorothy Ginnett 28240 Points

Hi Hillary -
Here is a link to an article from NSTA's Science & Children On Observing the Weather

Try doing a search in the NSTA Libray on Weather and Climate topics. You can narrow your search by keywords and grade level.


Dorothy Ginnett Dorothy Ginnett 28240 Points

Hi Hillary -

Here is a link to a NSTA Resource Collection on Ocean's Effect on Weather and Climate - Elementary Collection

You can search the NSTA Learning Center Library for resource collections too.


Pamela Auburn Pamela Auburn 68625 Points

Sheri Amsel posted an impressive list of Weather activities for 4-5 grade in the listserve. I am taking the liberty of re-posting the list here. Thanks Sheri! Weather Facts and Activities: Rain making Activity: Making Clouds (this is cool): Smog in a Bottle: Changing Seasons: Changing Seasons: Changing Seasons (Basic Readers): Clouds: Clouds (Younger Students): Storms – Hurricanes: Storms - Hurricanes (Basic Readers): Storms – Thunderstorms: Storms - Thunderstorms (Basic Readers): Storms – Tornadoes: Storms - Tornadoes (Basic Readers): Storms – Winter Storms: The Atmosphere: The Earth: The Sun: The Water Cycle: Planet Earth: Biomes of the World: Biome Hidden Pictures: Biome Posters: Biome Graphic Organizer: Climate and Biome Formation: Earth’s Atmosphere: Ecology Vocabulary: Environmental Issues: Forest Succession: Nutrient Cycle: Ocean Ecology: Oxygen Cycle: Soils: Water Cycle:

Jocelin Reyes Jocelin Reyes 1245 Points

Thank you so much for re-posting those links. I have really found them to be useful and I am sure others have to. They are great resources!

Brandy Stewart Brandy Stewart 7755 Points

Have you ever heard of the Jason Project? It is free to sign up for and the lessons in there are incredible. They have a whole unit of lessons and interactives on weather. I use this every time I teach weather. You should check this out!

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Betty Paulsell Betty Paulsell 48560 Points

Pamela, Thank you so much for sharing the links from Sheri. I am teaching a GLOBE workshop and these will be invaluable!! I would suggest another resource for climate and weather information.

Carolyn Mohr Carolyn Mohr 92246 Points

Hi Hillary,
If you are not familiar with the FOSS kits, they have an excellent Air and Weather module. You can access some of the paper materials online for free. Of course the whole kit is the way to go if you can.

Aimee Dawson Aimee Dawson 6725 Points

How can I and my class partners use the subject matter Ocean's Effects on the World's Climte in an interactive, hands-on activity for a class of 3rd grade students? Is there a game anyone would recommend to push this subject matter further for 3rd graders?

Tami Owens Tami Owens 3195 Points

Pamela, Thanks for posting all those links. It looks like there are a lot of fun ideas and some good resources.

Shanae Hatchell Shanae Hatchell 5820 Points

I am math teacher but have taken a few climate courses. In those courses, there were a few hands on activities that helped me to remember a few key ideas. First, using your hand to model low pressure and high pressure systems was instrumental in me remembering how each type of system works. In addition, using a temperature strip and an empty two liter soda bottle helped me to understand how pressure in atmosphere can affect temperature. What you do for that is use some tape and attach the temperature strip to the top of the bottle so that it is hanging down inside of the bottle. Cover the bottle. Students will squeeze the bottle and as they do that, they will see the temperature inside increase.

Amber Escobedo Amber Escobedo 680 Points

Thank you for the great resources!!!

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