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Haley Sherk Haley Sherk 240 Points

Hi all, 


I am in a 4th grade classroom with over half of the student being in an all remote access learning. When we do hands on activies the only way for them to see the lesson to watch the teacher demostrate it over camera. Students are often disenagaged when we approch these science lesson, as they only watch the teach and give suggestion what to do next. They are lacking the phsyical connection. One issue that we have ran into is that there is not enough supplies to send home to students, as typically these lesson would work in small groups. Has anyone found a better strategy to teach hands on activities to keep their engagment? Or online recourse that virtually does science experiments? 

Lauren Stafford Lauren Stafford 210 Points

Hi Haley! I have attatced a link with several different fun experiments that can all be done right from your computer! I hope this helps to engage your students more in the fun of science!

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