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Yoselin Alarcon Yoselin Alarcon 445 Points

What are some of the most effective ways technology can be use during a science experiment?

B G Brooke Goulas 340 Points

Using technology to analyze data is a way to use technology during a science experiment. Another idea that my teachers used to do when I was a student was to let us do a virtual practice lab online to help us prepare for the actual physical lab in person. There are some websites to help do that! I also personally would use my phone (if allowed) to take pictures to see my progress and keep track of what I am doing. I would make posters with those images and submit them as extra credit If it was allowed. It would also be displayed in class which is cool!

Michelle Caballero Michelle Caballero 1030 Points

Using technology to analyze data is becoming the norm in science experiments. You stated another idea using your cell phone. Unfortunately, many schools don't allow cell phones, but most schools use computer data. I will personally use methods such as spreadsheets and databases to help organize my data. Another idea would be statistical software to analyze data and learning algorithms to identify patterns.

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