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Kathryn Lopez Kathryn 420 Points

As a future teacher in the early education department I was wondering what were some effective strategies to use for classroom management when introducing science curriculum. 

Bri Lingenfelter Bri Lingenfelter 1395 Points

Hi Kathryn!

There are many effective strategies you can use for classroom management when introducing science curriculum. One strategy is establishing clear expectations and rules from the beginning. This helps create a structured and respectful learning environment. Another great strategy is implementing consistent routines and procedures. This helps students understand what is expected of them. This can include procedures for entering the classroom, transitioning between activities, or getting materials. Consistency provides a sense of stability and reduces disruptions. Lastly, you can use engaging and interactive teaching methods. Incorporate hands-on activities, group work, and technology to keep students actively engaged in the learning process. This helps maintain their focus and enthusiasm for learning. This are just a few strategies that you can use but I hope this helps!

Karla Quiroz Karla Quiroz 370 Points

Hello Kimberly
One method of classroom management that you can implement in your class is to divide the students into smaller groups so they may discuss what they have learned. Moreover, one of the first things you can do is to enforce regulations since your students will be doing experiments. You should inform the children that they will be following certain guidelines during the experiment once you have jointly presented the topic you plan to show them. To get the students involved in the lesson, you might next ask them to list all the rules they believe are essential for science class. I hope these are helpful to you in your new teaching career!

Audrey Guyer Audrey Guyer 710 Points

Hi Kathryn, the first thing you should do is establish and thoroughly explain classroom rooms and expectations. It may be beneficial to take some time to have students share their own ideas of what rules they believe are important for the science classroom. This may lead to better student engagement and willingness to learn. 

Cheryl Robertson Cheryl Robertson 265 Points


I was a middle school teacher for 30 years, and the best piece of classroom management advice I can provide is for you to have clear and consistent procedures in your classroom (how students enter your class, how to sharpen pencils, how to ask questions, how to work in a group, etc.).  You must not onl teach these procedures to your students, but you must authentically practice these procedures until they can do it independently.  

Kaitlyn Sluger Kaitlyn Sluger 130 Points

The best advice I could give about classroom management for new teachers are setting the rules the first day of school. By not setting the rules the first day the students wont take you or any rules seriously. also, give consequences if they cant follow the rules then they cant join or do the activity. also you need to be consistent, students thrive on routines and it shows them what you expect from them in the classroom. 

Haley Owens Haley Owens 430 Points

All of these responses are great for classroom management. One thing I see teachers struggling with is consistency. I know when I was a student, inconsistent teachers were the least respected because students never knew how to behave—it was like walking on eggshells! After reading this forum, it is very apparent that I need to set clear, concise expectations from the very beginning, model these expectations until the students are able to perform them independently, and then consistently enforce these expectations all semester. 

Terry Marcey Terry Marcey 190 Points

Each of the responses on here so far offer sound advice but I wanted to add one more. Full disclosure: I am a relatively new teacher myself, but I am passing on some of the best advice I have been given from a more veteran teacher (my mentor teacher during my student teaching). He suggested that I start every school year, and a portion of the first day back after each extended holiday break, with a class discussion about respect and what it means in relation to each of the classroom management expectations that you have. In other words, instead of just dictating what the rules and expectations are for the class, involve students in their creation by having them articulate the why for each of the expectations. Having student centered conversations about classroom rules and expectations gives them a greater sense of agency and increases buy in from the students. I want to reiterate again that I am not claiming credit for this idea, but rather passing along what has worked very well for me.

Mandy Segura Mandy Segura 360 Points

Hello Kathyryn, 

One method that I can advice you with is to let the students learn on their own. Of course guide them through the lessons and explain the instructions to them but let them get the experience of interacting with one another. The curiosity of the students is unexplainable and there is times where they can find solutions between one another. This also helps them have a different perspective of science instead of being all thought by the teacher. Hope this technique helps you in your teaching career. 

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