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Using Science to Solve Community Problems

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Brooke Keller Brooke Keller 80 Points


My name is Brooke Keller and I am a pre-service teacher at Wartburg College in Iowa. I'm wondering today how we can use science in elementary classrooms to solve real community issues. I know this type of work has been done in middle and high school science classes, but was hoping in my future classroom to make an impact with the younger ages. Does anyone have specific examples they have done or would like to do? Also, how to bring up a community or global problem with younger ages?


Brooke Keller

Gustavo Sanabria Gustavo Sanabria 525 Points

Hello Brooke,

One real community issue that I have seen addressed in science classes has been tackling poor health and diet practices. I have seen lessons where the teacher explains what calories are, what obesity is, what foods to avoid and which are recommended etc... Many seem to forget that eating is intrinsically scientfic as it revolves around the consumption of energy, provides nutrients we need as well as the key to building muscle/fat. By speaking on this important issue at an early age, we are able to mold thinkers who will pay more attention to their eating habits and be more conscious moving forward.


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