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Genesis Gil Genesis Gil 220 Points

Do you think it is more fo a challenge to teach scince virtually than teaching it in a normal science class setting?

Abril Cabrera Abril Cabrera 330 Points

I think they both have their own challenges but when it comes to getting students attention 100% i would believe teaching virtually would have a higher challenge. The reason is that as an educator we cant force a student to be logging in and paying attention while they are at home, while being in the classroom we can have certain consequences like 'no reccess, or no computer time etc.' which will make them pay attention. 

Melissa Montoya Melissa Montoya 470 Points

I agree, because virtual learning is not directly interacting with the instructor. So incase of having any questions, communication is often very impersonal. As to traditional learning, its suitable for young children, teenagers and young adolescents. You are also right, we can not force a student to log online and follow along vs. inperson having regular attendance helps them interact and keep up with the current lessons. 

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