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Earth and Space Science

Space theme

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Natalie Dublak Natalie Dublak 655 Points

Jacqui Flowers Jacqui Flowers 260 Points

I did a 3-2-1....READ board for tracking AR reading progress. They each had an SLS rocket with name on it that they moved as they reached each major percentage of their goal. They started on Earth and moved up to Mars.

Natalie Dublak Natalie Dublak 655 Points

Kaylee Reese Kaylee Reese 645 Points

I might steal this idea as well! I love the innate connection between science and reading. it would also be a great reference point in the classroom when learning about the planets. For older students, I think it would be difficult to post student success in such a public manner, so maybe using the planets to do center work could be a good way to track students on a regular basis. Love the idea!

Jaclyn Lawrence Jaclyn Lawrence 655 Points

This was done by my classmates for a science board theme. Each planet had kid friendly facts about them. It's a great bulletin board to interest and excite students about learning about the solar system!


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