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Kyle Warner Kyle Warner 208 Points

In your experience as a teacher, have you found any resources that might be helpful for a new teacher in implementing the NGSS standards into a lesson plan?  I sometimes struggle in understanding how to incorporate them in my lessons.

Steve Mally Steve Mally 140 Points

Yes I am looking for books on not just DCI but on the science practices and the cross cutting concepts. 


Mona Sadek Mona Sadek 244 Points

I n my opinion I made a training program for science teachers, for the interval (6-8), but for implementation we need curriculum materials, please tell us your experience 

Danielle Murfee Danielle Murfee 300 Points

Has anyone used Stanford's SCALE science curriculum for teaching NGSS? It is free! But I'd like to hear some first hand experience.

Maria Cieslak Maria Cieslak 2210 Points

I was not aware that Stanford developed these units. The language supports for English learners is excellent. I am also curious if anyone used this curriculum in the classroom.

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