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Earth Day April 22, 2012

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Carolyn Mohr Carolyn Mohr 92186 Points

Hi Arlene,
Thank you for ALL those great resources. Cheska had asked about activities last month, too. I had put a couple of suggestions in response to her, so I will link the two in case anyone see this one or hers - all of the ideas will be easy to see. Here's the other thread: General Science and Teaching > Earth Day Science Activities
and I will link this one to that one :-)

Deborah Clevenger Deborah Clevenger 1350 Points

Arlene thank you for sharing the Earth Day info. I did not realize it was Earth day April 22. I especially liked the site, " Changing Climate: Middle" and the article. The project that the teacher provided where the students had to figure out how much emissions were taking place in their school driveways/parking lots was a real-life situation. In their project students, in their small groups, had to create and implement what data to collect, how to analyze it, suggest a solution, and then present it to their classmates. This type of project helps their understanding of global climate change.I liked and agree with what their teacher said about the fact that this topic needs to be taught in the schools, that students need to understand the process behind global climate change, greenhouse gases and how they can effect global climate change, and what global warming means to the world - the effects it may have on different areas of the world. It was nice that the teacher also included how he graded the project. This sounds like it may be a good project for my classes next year.

Sharon Chern Sharon Chern 2640 Points

I teach marine science. I think for Earth Day 2012 I will start with the chalk-in-vinegar (or stronger acid!) demonstration to show how increased CO2 concentration leads to change in pH which affects corals and shells, then we'll brain storm causes of increased CO2 in the oceans, etc., and finally end with a debate on possible solutions to climate change at the end of the week.

Carolyn Mohr Carolyn Mohr 92186 Points

Thank you for bring this to our attentions. Even if one does not have time to listen to the archived webinar, the ppt is an excellent resource to inform and explain the New Climate Tools for Educators. These facts alone make this an important webinar to view:
Each year:
Under nutrition kills 3.5 million
Diarrhea kills 2.2 million
Malaria kills 900,000

Extreme weather events kill 60,000

I was naive about the impact of the global weather effects on human life and suffering.

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