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Middle School: Periodic Table & Chemical Change

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Patricia Rourke Patricia Rourke 45925 Points

Many teachers may be offering inquiry on the periodic table and chemical change for middle school science during this segment of the academic year. I am attaching resources from an ACS Webinar that was offered in the past and which may be offered again in 2014. Chemical Change – Introducing a Free Online Resource for Middle School Chemistry, May 20, 2013 The resources from the 2013 webinar may be helpful at this time and I am certain that they will peak you interest in attending any new webinar on these topics and discovering what's new in 14.

Tina Harris Tina Harris 65805 Points

I attended that webseminar and it was wonderful and the resources were extremely helpful! I also teach periodic properties in my middle school class and I made up this collection to help me remember useful resources from the Learning Center. Maybe it would be of use to others?

Chemistry - periodicity - Middle School Collection (9 items)
Jaime Moss Jaime Kupfner 1890 Points

Here is my collection that I made for a co-worker on this subject

Patricia Rourke Patricia Rourke 45925 Points

Jamie, Thank you for sharing your collection with us. That is very generous and supportive of you. Tina, your comment recommends that we keep our eyes on future webinars on this topic and share the information with our readers. Thanks everyone. Chiming in with your voice and your sharing of resources weaves us all together as a great professional community. And we know that there are many more readers of this thread than posters. Maybe some of them will be encouraged to chime in due to your thoughtful sharings. :} ~patty

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