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Invention Competition Opportunity: Young Edison Challenge

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Frank Bonafilia Frank Bonafilia 180 Points

Calling all High School Innovators! Students in grades 9-12 (from around the world) are invited to showcase their creativity by developing an innovative new product or service and nominating their work in the 2023 Young Edison Challenge (YEC).  This can be an actualized project, or an idea still in the design stage, so your imagination is truly the limit.

Through support of the Charlotte Community Foundation (Punta Gorda, Florida), the top three student nominations will be awarded a cash scholarship and an invitation to attend the 2023 Edison Awards, April 19-21, 2023.

To learn more, please visit the Young Edison Challenge webpage ( youngedisonchallenge.php)

You can also check out past winners there! 


PS:  This student competition is modeled after The Edison Best New Product Awards™ nomination process.  In a similar fashion, we select winners by scoring the short answer participants submit pertaining to the innovation's  Concept, Value, Delivery, and Impact.  

Good luck!

Alan Scott Alan 10 Points

This is a fantastic opportunity for high school students to showcase their creativity and potentially earn a cash scholarship. It’s great that the Young Edison Challenge is open to students worldwide, and it’s exciting to think about the innovative ideas that will emerge from this competition. I appreciate that the selection process is based on important criteria such as Concept, Value, Delivery, and Impact. It shows that the organizers are serious about recognizing truly innovative ideas. I’m definitely going to check out the webpage and see what past winners have accomplished! wordle unlimited


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