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What should I expect?

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Aaliyah Rodriguez Aaliyah Rodriguez 460 Points

I am currently a junior at the University of Texas Rio Grande Valley, and i'm in my second block of the education program. Graduation is just a year away and  just as I am excited to have my own students and classroom, I am also terrified. I would like to know what to expect on my first year. How do I stay motivated? How do I keep students focused and entertained? What is advice you would give a first year teacher? This pandemic has had such a huge impact on the program and how we are learning now. I am afraid we won't be prepared to enter our first year like if we had face to face learning. What is the best way to implement what you have learned into your own classroom and take charge? I feel like a lot of students may have the similiar questions on what to expect for our near future as teachers. 

Jessica Bautista Jessica Bautista 315 Points

Hello Aaliyah, I am a current Senior at the University of Texas of Rio Grande Valley as well. I also agree with you that the first year of teaching can be terrifying. I also had those questions before and I still have. My suggestion to you is not to feel overwhelmed. You need to find confidence in yourself that everything will be fine. If you like the profession in which you are planning to be working on, you will find the motivation to move yourself forward. I think that if you give your best every single day you will succeed in your future classroom. Try not to think in the future, but in what you are doing right know to learn from it. I wish you the best of luck during your present and future semesters!

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