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Nicole Marchitto Nicole Marchitto 5565 Points

Inquiry At Play , an second article written by Peggy Ashbrook states that imaginative play allow a child/student the ability to be creative in their thinking, using their memory, language and social skills to understand the world around them. Using the imagination allows them appreciate the world by allowing the to observe, ask questions, share data they gather and develop through their play with others. The article further suggest that the teach bring role play into the lesson by inviting a scientist into the class or even dressing up as a famous scientist to help student understand a lesson or scientific concept or even sharing pictures of scientists in various setting, whether it be a lab or a historic scientist so that discussion can become more meaningful.


Linh Tran Linh Tran 30 Points

This is a great concept! I like how it gets students to use their creative skills but also further developing other aspects of their cognitive skills. Have you tried this in the classroom? How effective do you think inquiry at play is for students who are struggling in the classroom?

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