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Laregilon Hughes Laregilon Hughes 975 Points

In what ways do you handle " dreamers" in the classroom. I have students whom I have to observe closely, because if not they will stare off into space the entire class period. Also, this occurs during interactive lessons.

Carolina Varela Carolina Varela 855 Points

This happens in my class too! My CT recommends constant monitoring and reminders to the child to stay on task.

Jessica Clickner Jessica Clickner 795 Points

I also struggle with this. I have found that interactive lessons as well as call backs really help.

Maried Rebon Maried Rebon 350 Points

This tends to happen quite often. I would recommend to constantly monitor the student and when he "day dreams" redirect him by singling or by some form of cue.

Mary Bigelow Mary Bigelow 10265 Points

Having been a "dreamer" myself, I'd suggest that before you redirect the student or remind him/her to "get busy", ask what he or she is thinking about. Perhaps they are in lala land and need to be redirected. But perhaps they're thinking of a related topic, connecting the events to their own experiences, etc. They may be dealing with personal issues that distract them. You won't know unless you ask!

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