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Ryen Brusich Ryen Brusich 480 Points

I am currently taking traditional face to face and online classes, the only challenge I have encountered with my online courses is time management, I was wondering if there were any methods or strategies, I could use to better manage time while learning remotely?


Alejandra Rojo Alejandra Rojo 590 Points

Hi Ryen,

Just like yourself I have taken both online and face to face classes. The way I have managed to do everything on time is to seperate the assignments. Each day I would do the assignment that is due first and so on. This has worked for me for a few years now and since I have seperated the work I have had more free time to enjoy.

Mathew Balybin Mathew Balybin 65 Points

Scientists from Stanford University in the USA studied how a person solves mathematical problems and found out that adults use the skill to "get" answers from memory based on past experience. Why do teachers insist on regular attendance of lessons? It's not their harmfulness, but the fact that when solving mathematical problems, we "get" answers from memory based on past experience. And in order to consolidate this experience, you need to repeat the material and train in solving examples. This is the only way to remember all the rules and formulas

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