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Kristine Huang Kristine Huang 865 Points

Hello everyone,

I am a pre-service teacher and in my past and current field placement, I personally have not encountered any students in SPED or identified as an MLL. What are some advice or strategies I could use in my future classroom when working with students that may or will require extra support?

Kelly Noelani Tolentino Kelly Tolentino 1045 Points

Hi Kristine!

I'm a pre-service teacher as well! With MLLs, it's important to have an idea of what they already know so that you can have them connect their background knowledge with your content objectives. Modeling expectations and clearly stating directions are key. It's also important to have them interact with other students in the classroom in order to strengthen their learning experiences - this also helps to build a classroom community by welcoming students of all culture and language backgrounds. Provide a variety of instructional strategies and assessment alternatives as well.

Hopefully this resource helps! -


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