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Sierra Wayson Sierra Wayson 7745 Points

Hi all! I am starting to prepare a unit on reducing human impact for Kindergarteners, and am thinking that I will focus the unit around recycling and other things the students can actively do which will make them feel as though they can make a difference in keeping the planet healthy.  Do any of you have any resources (lesson plans, activities, etc) that you could share with me?  If you've done this type of project with other grades, I would still appreciate your advice/resources - maybe I can tailor them to be appropriate for Kindergarteners.  Thank you! 

Jesslynn Preston Jesslynn Preston 645 Points

Aloha Sierra, 

This unit seems like so much fun! I am glad that you are thinking about teaching Kindergarteners about living sustainable, this is very unique! One thing that you could do is write up and implement a lesson on composting! You could have families donate things that the students would be able to throw into the compost. This would also help families to get involved in your classroom too. By doing a compost,  you could teach them about the science behind composting, which would get them understand that just because you're learning about one subject area, it doesn't mean that you can't incorporate other subject areas into that lesson. Another great thing about doing a lesson on composting is that students would be able to observe changes on a daily basis. They could do this in small group or as a whole group. They could draw out what they see in their notebooks and refer back to them as the days go by. Hope this helps! 


Here's a video you could watch prior to the lesson to see what materials you need. You could also show your students this.

Brittany Ferreira Brittany Ferreira 185 Points

Hi Sierra!

I love that you're planning on teaching Kindergarteners ways to keep the planet healthy!! I know the schools I've worked at did many campus clean up events! They were super fun for the students! Since I am an upcoming teacher, I will look forward to the replies you get because I'd love to see different lessons as well! Thank you!



Cassidy Rawson Cassidy Rawson 3265 Points

Hi Sierra!

I love that you want to make the focus of the lesson empowering students! There are so many things that you can do within a unit focused on reduce, reuse, and recycling. I would really focus on making the unit very student-focused. Maybe introduce the idea of reduce, reuse, and recycle and then ask the students how they can make a difference in their school/community. Take their ideas and create a service-learning project based off of them. This way students created and completed the project from start to finish thus really feeling empowered and that they can make a difference. I attached a link that contains more information and ideas how to incorporate service-learning into your classroom.

Sierra Wayson Sierra Wayson 7745 Points


Thank you so much for the suggestions and the video link! I truly appreciate it. :) 

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