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Lizbeth Morales Lizbeth Morales 860 Points

Hello my name is Lizbeth Morales ! I'm currently going to school to become a teacher. One of my professors this semester has been mentioning alot about how technology has been advancing. I feel like in the science classroom its more hands on activities. So how do you incorporate technology in your science classroom? Any tips ? 

Ednaly Uribe Ednaly Uribe 690 Points

Hi Lizbeth! Your question is great! In my opinion the way I would use technology by showing students videos. I have also heard to go on a virtual field trip! I think it's a great way since they can experience this even in their own classroom. I have also used Kahoot as a student and it is very entertaining, fun and educational! 

Lesley Garza Lesley Garza 350 Points

Hello Lizbeth :) I work as a teacher aide in an elementary school and we incorporate technology in our science lesson in a variety of ways. First we allow them to watch a video on the topic in BrainPop. Some times the teacher shares her screen to their ipads and have class discussion as well. There are many of engaging games for children to incoporate technology into their lesson. By using technology, it allows students to have a brain break from the textbook and worksheets. Students see technology as a free time however they are still learning the lesson of the day.

Eyva Eyva Eyva 20 Points

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