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Livestreaming a Lab Over Night and/or Time Lapse

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Chip Woods Chip Woods 7678 Points

Greetings!! This last week, I completed the Resurrection Plant / Rose of Jericho discrepant event before a third grade class.  This discrepant event occurs over a period (of ~24 hours or longer) in which the plant is placed in water and then begins to grow dramatically, displaying how it is specially adapted for the arid climates of the desert.  One thing that I wish I could have offered to my students was the ability for them to see a livestream of what the plant was doing while they were not in the classroom.  Does anyone have any recommendations for a livestream site/service that has been effective, reliable, and safe for your classes?  Also, does anyone have any specific recommendations for a camera (budget-minded) that could be utilized so that students can then also see a time-lapse version of the actual plants in their classroom?

My students were enthralled coming in on the second day to see what was going on, but I wish that during the concluding discussion of this particular discrepant event that we could have shown the time-lapse of our own class’s own plant rather than a more generic one online.  I also wish that for those students who would have been interested that we could have set up the livestream of the plant for those who wanted to check in throughout the evening or morning from home.  I thought that this might encourage parental conversations about what was going on in the classroom and help keep students engaged with the information outside of the classroom.  I'd love to get others thoughts regarding this.  Thanks in advance!

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