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Emily Eisenberg Emily Eisenberg 690 Points

During the pandemic distance learning became dominate for most, if not all teachers and students. Platforms, like Zoom and Google Meet allowed for students and teachers to continue to connect with one another and they also allowed for students' learning to continue. There are also online programs, like Boom Cards that allow for interactive learning online. As the pandemic slowed down, distance learning did not go away. For example, many schools eliminated school days to to learning at home being possible still. In college classes, many students are still able tov. 'zoom' into their classes if they are sick/ unable to physically go to their class. Technology evolving has allowed for distance learning to evolve and grow even after the pandemic. Distance learning may not be the same as in- person learning, however it is beneficial.

Erica Staton Erica Staton 915 Points

I agree emily distant learning has become the new normal so to speak. I personally had to do this with my own child, and it was a lot. I can not help but think about all the social interaction the kids missed out on. No recess time, lunch in the cafeteria, or just a simple raise of the hand to collaborate with their classmates. Obviously, this was for the better good for everyone and it did have some benefits now. Children and adults are more diligent in staying home when they are sick/contagious. Even work places encourage to stay home. Distant learning has really change the face of education and even in the business realm. 

Dewi Clements Dewi Clements 40 Points

Yes, that's correct. The COVID-19 pandemic led to a rapid shift towards distance learning for many students and teachers worldwide. Platforms such as Zoom and Google Meet played a significant role in enabling remote learning and allowing students and teachers to continue connecting with each other. These platforms provided students with the opportunity to attend virtual classes, participate in group discussions, and receive feedback from teachers in real time.

Additionally, online learning platforms, such as Google Classroom, provided teachers with a convenient way to manage and deliver course content, assignments, and assessments to students remotely. This helped to mitigate the impact of school closures and ensured that students could continue their education without interruption.

Overall, the widespread adoption of technology in education during the pandemic has demonstrated the potential of remote learning and the role technology can play in enabling education in times of crisis.

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