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Uma Mahajan Uma Mahajan 1580 Points

Hi, I am a 2nd year teacher and I am looking for resources to prep students for SAT/ ACT. Besides the online paid courses are there any websites or other resources that help students succeed in these exams? Any links/ materials will be appreciated. Thanks so much!

Chris Leverington Chris Leverington 4035 Points

I bought the book "500 questions to know by test day ACT science" on amazon and use it to supplement my test questions, especially as ACT time approaches. The ACT test has a lot of reading and graphical/diagram analysis. Something that I know we don't always do a lot of in our science classes. The school I teach at pays to have every junior take the ACT and uses their results to judge us. So I started doing this and spend time on ACT prep. Just using the questions from the book for a few weeks before hand, my students scores on the ACT increased greatly from the year before I did it to the past couple of years.

Uma Mahajan Uma Mahajan 1580 Points


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