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Engaging during distance learning

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Karina De La Rosa Karina De La Rosa 405 Points


Since having to teach through distance learning I am having difficulty keeping my students engaged. I feel that they are easily distracted at home and find it difficult to keep them engaged. Does anyone have any tips or resources I should use?

Shafflyn Kallon Shafflyn Kallon 640 Points


I hope things have gotten better since you posted this. It is almost the end of the semester or the marking period for students so a lot of them are anxious to go on break. I'm not sure what your learning style is but I suggest that you let the students take the lead sometimes. For instance, at least once a month, let the students talk about something that they're interested in. Children in early childhood grade levels have very short attention span so sometimes you may want to add a song or a chant in the lesson to gain thier attention. You could also use token economy, where you pick a star student of the day based on their behaviors. Children love to be the star of the show so once they see their friends getting the star student award, they will try to work harder. Sometimes, instead of you talking to them, you can put on an educational video that is related to the topic just so they can have something new to look at. It's difficult for children to stay in one spot for hours, especially if they are used to running around with their friends during recess. I hope these suggestions help and I hope things work out for you!



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