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Looking for NGSS - DCI spreadsheet

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Jennifer Webster Jennifer Webster 750 Points

Has anyone created or found a spreadsheet version of the DCIs only (not PEs)? I have a pdf, but it is proving impossible to get it into an editable G.sheets format to distribute to my fellow teachers. Before I launch into creating on my own, I thought I would see if anyone else has done this and would be willing to share the document. If you have seen it created and available somewhere, please point me to this resource. Thank you in advance.

Ted Willard Ted Willard 3080 Points



For various work I am doing, I have put together a google doc that contains all of he performance expectations as well as all of the elements (the individual bullet points) that appear in the foundation boxes and appendices of the NGSS.  There is a tab for each of the different types of statements, including the Disciplinary Core Ideas (DCIs)


In addition, I have developed a human-readable coding scheme for each of the elements to make it easier to reference a particular element. Otherwise, people often have to use the first several words or even the whole text of the statement.


You can find the document at the following link:


I hope this helps.



Brian Geniusz Brian Geniusz 185 Points



This spreadsheet you have made is pretty amazing.  I can only imagine how much time it has taken you to put it together.  Please know I appreciate your efforts and will be tapping into this work as I help work with our science teachers.



Amy Briggs Amy Briggs 935 Points

It's nice to see that others have begun to develop their own spreadsheets and charts of information for standards, DCI, CCC, and such to link everything together making it easy and accessible for new and even experienced educators. Only today, I stumbled on a similar digital component with my school's science curriculum that was added as an afterthought reference. I wish I had discovered it months ago, but now at least I know and it's great to see these helpful crosswalks emerging.

April Davis April 10 Points

Thank you so much for the link.

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