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Dianna Gamboa Dianna Gamboa 630 Points

How can I manage a classroom when more than half of the students are constantly talking out of turn and choose not to participate in classroom activities? How many warnings is enough before taking the next step of discipline? 

Vanessa Mendoza Vanessa Mendoza 810 Points

Recognizing why the students may be behaving this way is the first step. You could try talking with your students if they are old enough to answer and ask they what you could do to get them engaged in the lesson. it is also important to be stern with your students and get them to respect and listen to you but do not confuse being stern with abusing athority. it is important to do fun hands on activities that keep the students attention.

Bailey Swann Bailey Swann 220 Points

New Teachers- Classroom Management. The question was posed on how to manage a classroom when students won’t stop talking or get out of control. This is one of my top priorities as a new teacher who is only 21 years of age. Gaining control is about gaining respect from the students. You must be stern in speech and tolerate no bad behavior ensuring discipline will be the result of misbehavior. Once you start formulating rapport within the classroom, over time students will choose to behave in an appropriate manner without resulting immediately to discipline.

Brittany Lingenfelter Brittany Lingenfelter 1293 Points

One of the biggest things that you can do for these students is to understand why they are behaving the way that they are. Many times, students are seeking attention, this means they will do whatever they can to catch your attention. Acting out may be the only way they feel they can reach you, even if that may not necessarily be the case. Another reason that students may be talking out of turn and not participating is because they feel they cannot relate to the content being taught. Making connections and making your lessons exciting to their interests only enhances their interest in the lessons as well. Making your lessons interactive throughout the entire lesson does not leave time for students to think of other subjects that are keeping them off task. Applying lessons to what students are interested in is not only crucial for engagement but also for inviting students to critically think and build off their prior knowledge!

-Brittany Lingenfelter

Wartburg College '24

Pre-service teacher

Sophia De Jesus Sophia De Jesus 270 Points

When you are met with this dilemma, it's essential to stop and reflect on why the students might be acting this way and disinterested in the classroom or topics; this is the perfect opportunity to talk to them. Give them a voice in the classroom, and ask them what they would like to do (related to the subject) to make them want to be engaged and desire to learn. Certain behaviors need to be reprimanded and fixed, but if the main issue is talking or lack of participation, you have to take a different direction. Also, if a behavior is done repeatedly with no reprimanding or repercussion but just constant warnings, they know nothing will be done, so the behavior never changes. I do not know what grade you teach; if you teach elementary students, implement actions that will get their attention, such as '1,2,3 eye on me' they'll respond with '1, 2 eyes on you' or 'Stop, Look and Listen' kids will reply with 'OKAY!' Make sure you reward good behavior, such as 'secret student,' and tell the kids that the best-behaved kids will get a prize at the end of the day (stickers work just fine) and remind them that you're doing secret student throughout the day. Make sure lessons are creative and hands-on to keep them engaged. For older students, give them responsibilities. Make different students, especially those with unwanted behavior and the most respected student by other students, leaders in the classroom; it could give them a different perspective. Implement free time for them to talk or go on their phones at the end of the class period, but only if their behavior is good throughout your teaching. Like stated before, give them choices, even if it's as simple as picking out what worksheet to do for the day. Classroom management takes time, and it can often be trial and error; you will learn what strategies work best for you and your students. 

Amanda Floyd Amanda Floyd 345 Points

I think sophia is right. It is imortant to take into consideration why the students may be acting out. Are they from a bad homelife? Do they lack attention at home? Do you have a relationship with them? I think the MOST important thing when teaching is establishing a relationship with students. If you get too friendly, they will not respect you but if you do not care to be their frined, they still won't respect you. There is a line when it comes to friends with students, do not cross it. 

Martina Lohmar Martina Lohmar 175 Points

As a pre-service teacher I find all of this information to be very helpful. Sophia, I agree that every situation is unique and before reacting we should evaluate what the context of such behaviors maybe. It can be especially hard to gain respect as a new teacher, so being sure to establish boundaries and respect, then following through can be very helpful. Thank you all for the great advice and guidance!

Kaylyn Hoth Kaylyn Hoth 670 Points

Hi Dianna, I am currently a 4th year preservice teacher at Wartburg College. Classroom management is a topic that we often discuss in our class. I believe the first step is recognizing why the students may be misbehaving. I would consider maybe taking some time to talk with the students to see what you can do as a teacher to make them more engaged in the content you are teaching. I also believe another very important thing is building relationships with each student in your class. Creating relationships creates respect between you and the student which will also help with classroom management. 

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