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STEM and other content areas

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Abby Lynn Abby Lynn 80 Points

Hello, my name is Abby McKee and I am a preservice teacher at Wartburg College. I am currently taking a Science Methods class and we focus on getting science into the classroom. One thing that I have noticed about my lesson planning and teaching is I am struggling sometimes to connect STEM with other content areas. I am running out of ideas and feel like some of the ideas are repetitive.

What are your tips or ideas about implementing other content areas into STEM?


Abby McKee

Wartburg College 2020

Elementary Education Major

Reading, Special Education, and ESL endorsements

Pamela Dupre Pamela Dupre 92364 Points

Try and search by science strand and grade level. There are many resources and the overview will show you which parts of 3 dimensional learning are addressed and some ways you can adapt the lesson to get more STEM related standards targeted. I teach elementary and not every standard can be developed with a STEM component. However, I use literature and the Picture Perfect Science Series books from NSTA to inspire my lessons. 

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