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Natalie Lahera Natalie Lahera 245 Points

Throughout these trying times, a profusion of resources made education possible when it approached an abrupt halt due to COVID-19. Education is able to reach its prime when in-person meetings are held, this allows educators and students to engage in the most effective way of retaining information. “In-person courses are, on average, more effective. Being in person with teachers and other students creates social pressures and benefits that can help motivate students to engage.” (Loeb, 2020). Due to the high reputation of in-person education, remote learning was looked at with elevated uncertainty. However, although this year has brought uncertain times, one thing we are able to rely on is the technological resources that have been put to test and made something that was seen with an immense amount of doubt, possible.

For instance, Zoom is a video conference software that has given students and educators the opportunity to continue their personal forms of education. It is the closest thing to an in-person learning setting, holding classes through Zoom allows students to receive the structure and motivation that they may desire in order to learn. Students have real-time access to their teachers or professors when needed just as if they were to be in the classroom, while educators are able to ask questions and obtain feedback from their students right away rather than communicating through other forms such as email. Google Drive is another resource that has had great value throughout the temporary change of education. This application allows students to engage with other classmates when working on class assignments or group projects. One of the reasons why in-person learning is so effective is due to the engagement that occurs amongst students, “Students learn a great deal by explaining their ideas to others and by participating in activities in which they can learn from their peers…develop skills in organizing and planning learning activities, working collaboratively… giving and receiving feedback and evaluating their own learning.” (Reis, n/a). With Google Docs, papers, class notes, projects or teacher feedback can be accessed through any device which holds great importance considering that some students may not have access to certain forms of technological devices. 

In spite of the fact that these resources stand and made the best out of remote learning, some students may face other obstacles that just may make education in these times seem impossible. Developmental disabilities are very common and range in a variety of forms and severity levels, with that being said, Telehealth is a platform that is specifically for this matter. The program offers remote mental and physical health care by a health professional, this holds great importance in this time of the pandemic where the health care department may be less available due to its heightened demand. In the case that students are struggling with certain developmental disabilities, they have a manageable way of accessing someone who is able to help. 



Omega Vasquez Omega Vasquez 2000 Points

This is just my opinion but I believe that distance learning not only affects students academically, but it also affects them mentally. There are many children in the world who might not have access to the internet. The pandemic hit pretty hard for everyone and with all the changes going on, it is stressing all students, teachers, and parents. 

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